Volunteer Story (6) - Jill

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

To anyone thinking of volunteering:

I would say do it, especially if you’re feeling cut off from everybody, life and the world. Through volunteering you are instantly connected to other people, it gives you a purpose and lets you make new friends.

I moved here in December 2013 from the Midlands. In the first year here, when I planned to get to know people and the area, my husband was ill. I became more and more isolated, cut off and lonely. It was a tough couple of years.

I did a 6 week Sugar Craft course (my passion!) and a lady there said ‘If you’re feeling cut off, come to the Women’s Centre’. I started coming to the Salt Dough class. I clicked and made friends and started to go out for coffee etc. My husband was past the worst so I could go out. I did some birthday cakes, including for a new friend’s son.

I did a confidence course at NWWC which was very interesting and very helpful. I brought cakes in one week and the volunteer manager asked if I wanted to do baking. NWWC put me through a Food Hygiene certificate and I’ve been here ever since!

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