Volunteer Story (31) - Lavinia

DVSC Open Doors Club: When I first visited DVSC my confidence was non existent. I was a mum, carer and wife and had lost me somewhere.

After signing up for "Active Inclusion” I was able to attend, for free, a number of courses to help with my confidence issues. After completing the Safeguarding course I was asked if I would like to help run the Open Doors Club at the Naylor Leyland Centre. I agreed to do this and it has been the best decision I have made.

I have a great co-volunteer who was with me on my course – Wayne Trestain. We both decided at the start that it would not be over serious and a friendly atmosphere for all.

Through volunteering, I am now a confident and much stronger person. I have learnt many skills which I can now pass on to others. I would have no hesitation in recommending volunteering to everyone; I love it.

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