Volunteer Story (29) - Ruari

Ruari, had returned from working abroad as an English teacher when we met him earlier this year but he wanted to change careers. An opportunity arose for him to become a Trustee with The Ruthin Show Society:

“Volunteering with the Ruthin Show Society has been a fantastic experience. The opportunity came to me through the DVSC. The role allowed me to learn more about the local area and also connect with people who I wouldn’t have otherwise done so.

I currently work in a finance company in St Asaph, and having ‘treasurer with Ruthin Flower Show’ helped me tremendously. Many of my colleagues have heard of the show and others know of Ruthin, being treasurer has allowed me to broaden my horizons.

Most importantly DVSC gave me a chance to keep busy. Being unemployed can be difficult, and keeping yourself busy and useful is key. Thank you to everyone at the Volunteer centre for your support!”

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