Volunteer Story (24) - Dewi

Dewi is a volunteer mentor for Stepping Stones North Wales, a charity that support adults who were victims of sexual abuse. He was nominated by an employee at the charity and fits this work around working full time, attending college and numerous other volunteer role. He came to our #DenbighshireVolunteers Third Sector Network Meeting to receive his award with his colleague Shirley who nominated him. Here is what she had to say:

Dewi has been a volunteer mentor with Stepping Stones for 2 years, he kindly gives his time to support vulnerable adults affected by the personal and traumatic effects of childhood sexual abuse.

He has been a hugely important person in setting up the Next Steps Survivors Group right from the start, listening to the needs of the men and women who were past and present service users of the services of Stepping Stones who had expressed a wish for support on their journey of recovery and wellbeing to have access to activities, information and education sessions.

Dewi has been instrumental in sourcing venues, organising the days and taking part in all activities such as art therapy, mindfulness, pottery and even cake decorating!

Dewi has shown real kindness and understanding and through his time spent with the group he has gained the trust and support of all the group members, many of whom, because of their abuse as children, had found difficulty in placing any trust in men in particular.  Dewi is a real positive male role model who continues to support and make a real difference to people lives.

Dewi works full time and is also at college studying, so the time he so generously gives as a volunteer mentor is greatly appreciated, he has also helped breakdown the myths of those affected by abuse by raising awareness of the adverse effects of childhood abuse and the services provided to help those in greatest need of that support.

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