Volunteer Story (20) - Pete

Pete, aged 42, started volunteering for Citizens Advice Denbighshire in Rhyl and trained as a adviser whilst he was looking for paid employment. 

He soon became a great part of the team and was made very welcome by everybody. He came to enjoy it so much he volunteered almost every day we were open!

He also volunteered with our Money Advice and Benefit teams in the Denbigh office as an administration worker which he used to gain experience to then apply for ,and be successful in obtaining, full time paid employment in a local office.

“Volunteering for the CAB is one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s very rewarding being able to go home knowing you have managed to help someone that day. The training and support is fantastic. Volunteering for CAB increased my confidence and the skills I gained helped me with finding paid employment.”

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