Profile of Geraint Roberts – #DenbighshireVolunteers Trustee Inspiration

Profile of Geraint Roberts – #DenbighshireVolunteers Trustee Inspiration by Helen Wilkinson, Chief Executive of DVSC 

As a fluent Welsh speaker, Geraint was a passionate advocate of the Welsh language and its culture. He was a genuine champion in the DVSC Board of our bilingual culture, and was an important ‘critical friend’ on this important issue. His decision to retire at the January 2017 AGM after over twenty years service is understandable. Geraint has played an instrumental and supportive role as a Board member and will be deeply missed by the Board and myself as Hilary, Chair of the DVSC Board indicated at the January AGM.

Geraint’s volunteer contribution to Denbighshire does not begin and end with DVSC. He has been involved in the voluntary sector since returning to North Wales in 1989 after over 30 years in London, initially as a manager in the meat trade and then as a Civil Servant. Elected on to Glyndwr District Council, he chaired its Planning Committee for one period and later was a member of Denbighshire County Council’s Standards Committee. His initial involvement in DVSC was with the distribution of Welsh Government funds to under 5’s/playgroups and he was heavily involved in South Denbighshire’s CAB committee until North and South Denbighshire were combined.

Since 2001, Geraint had been a Deacon and Trustee of the Tabernacl Welsh Presbyterian Chapel in Ruthin’s Well Street and represents the Presbytery on its North Wales Church and Society Committee.

Overall I wonder how many volunteer hours he has contributed since 1989?

Geraint’s story, like that of Mrs Edwards, who has recently retired from the DVSC Board, is I hope, an inspiration for all #DenbighshireVolunteers and #DenbighshireTrustees. I hope it encourages a new generation of potential trustees to come forward.

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