Press Release (1) - Expressions of interest to join a new Youth Panel

Shout out for a new generation! DVSC is seeking expressions of interest from young people aged 14-25 to join a new Youth Panel

DVSC’s mission is to build resilient communities through voluntary action and social

enterprise and to be an influential voice in Denbighshire.  We want to engage and involve young people in shaping the future and are seeking expressions of interest to join a new Youth Panel.

Damon Jones, DVSC’s Membership and Business Support Administrator, who joined DVSC two years ago and is himself 21 years old, is coordinating the recruitment of the Youth Panel and chairing the meetings. 

Damon said: “I first started at DVSC in Autumn 2016 after previously volunteering in a charity shop and have been given the chance to take on more and more responsibility in terms of our influencing and engagement work. I think the Youth Panel will be a great way for young people to learn new skills, make new friendships and connections and make their voice heard on behalf of young people in Denbighshire.  We hope to be able to put together a panel of individuals with different backgrounds and from different areas within Denbighshire to ensure that we have a diverse panel reflecting the issues facing young people across the county”.

Helen Wilkinson, DVSC’s Chief Executive says: “With the Future Generations and Wellbeing Act in mind, it is timely that we refresh our approach to influencing and engagement. This is not just about the way we engage young people in volunteering opportunities, it is about meeting the needs of the new generation and genuinely empowering them as decision makers, influencers, and change agents in their communities. We really are committed to putting young people in the lead and to practising what we preach from the inside out.”

Young people between 14-25 years of age are being invited to express their interest and if successful will be appointed for a period of up to three years, after which there will be another expression of interest process. Panel members will be engaged and asked for their views as young people on issues of importance, and invited to give their views about DVSC’s future direction.  The first task set of Panel members will be to review applications and make funding decisions on DVSC’s Youth Led grants which has a new set of priorities, in line with the wellbeing goals, and is being run as a pilot between now and the end of March 2019.

DVSC is inviting expressions of interests from anyone aged 14-25 who lives in Denbighshire and wishes to make a difference to young people’s lives. For more information on how to apply visit the Youth Panel page on the DVSC website. The deadline for expressions of interest is the 25/1/19. Volunteer expenses will be paid.

Notes to Editors

About DVSC

Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council, DVSC, the County Voluntary Council operating in Denbighshire. Our mission is to build resilient communities through voluntary action, and social enterprise, provide excellent support for our members and to be an influential voice in Denbighshire and North Wales.

DVSC works closely with North Wales CVCs, and is a member of WACVC, which in partnership with the Wales Council of Voluntary Associations (WCVA) forms the partnership   that makes up Third Sector Support Wales.

For further information contact Helen Wilkinson, DVSC’s Chief Executive,  01824 702 441 or 07713 997 075 or Damon Jones, Membership and Business Support Administrator, 01824 702 441

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